How do we know you’re the right fit for us?
I ALWAYS prefer to meet clients in person before they book me. A big part of finding the right photographer for your day is getting one that you mesh well with. You want someone that you can relate to so that you’ll be comfortable taking photos with them. Plus I like to get to know YOU; this helps me to capture the essence of who you are as well.

When do we pay for our portraits?
You pay on the day of your session in cash or check. How can I reserve my wedding date? We’ll set up a consultation meeting first. Then we’ll make your customized package and upon signing your contract you’ll also pay your retainer fee ($500) that day which will reserve your date and be applied towards your overall balance.

Where can we take our photos?
Well, first of all I am a natural light photographer… which means, I always prefer outdoor lighting (trust me, it’s the most appealing). Therefore, I do portraits on location; as to where the shoot takes place that can totally be of your choosing. However, if you’re at a loss for a place suggestion, I’m happy to find the right fit for you!

What should I wear?
The most important thing when considering what to wear is always, in my opinion, comfort! Don’t go for something that you typically don’t like to wear. I.E.: if you’re a sneakers guy, please don’t go the slacks and tie route – you’ll be totally uncomfortable the whole time and it will definitely show in the pictures. Be yourself! Trust me, I’ll make you look good even if you rock casual wear.
For even more specifics on what to wear, visit my blog under categories {What to Wear}.

How many outfits should I bring?
You can bring as many as you’d like and I can help you pick the best and we’ll squeeze in as many as we can. But typically you won’t need more than three.

How long is a portrait session?
A session is roughly 45 minutes to an hour and a half. This is usually extended when doing a newborn session as feeding, changing, and warming the lil’ guys up can add to that time frame.

How soon will our pictures be ready to view?
Portraits – typically two weeks max. Weddings – my goal is always two-three weeks, but I guarantee them within four weeks.

Do you travel?
Yes! I am based in Oklahoma City, but I’m happy to drive to other locations as well. As for destination weddings, let’s just say: “Heck yes! Sign me up!” I love to travel! Just contact me for more details.

What is your conduct at weddings?
If you’re looking for a bossy photographer, that’s just not me. I like to be the least obtrusive as possible getting mostly candid shots, with the exception of all the posed shots of course.

Do you make wedding albums or coffee table books?
Why, yes I do! When we sit down for your consultation we’ll discuss your different package options and what style of book you’re looking for.

Can photos be purchased on-line?
Yes. Wedding pictures are posted on-line and photos can be easily purchased through that site. This is especially great for extended family members that would really like to get pictures of your special day!

What “style” of photography do you shoot?
It’s difficult to really encompass the entire style and philosophy of my photography in a couple of sentences. Therefore, visit “The Photography” page or my blog under categories {My Style} for more details!

What is your editing process?
I love to shoot LIFE! Therefore, to me, life is not about making you into a model or over-doing your make-up and making you into someone you’re not. I want to capture your beautiful-selves as you are. Therefore, I do minimal retouching unless it’s distracting from the overall image (stray hairs, and a few blemishes). But I fully edit each image with my own “flare” of techniques.